High blood pressure is a serious disease. In this disease, the body’s blood pressure rises associated with unusual pain, dizziness, increased blood flow to the head and heart, lethargy, insomnia, dizziness, facial flushing, blood spots in the eyes, etc. etc.

This disease causes primarily due to mental exertion, anxiety, stomach disorder, drugs habit, alcohol, cigarette smoking, diabetes, obesity, and also due to taking antibiotics for a long time.
For the treatment of high blood pressure, unlike Allopathic treatment, you are not required to take medicines for life long period in my NATURAL HOMEOPATHIC treatment and may take 100% safe medicines for only two to three months and your disease will be cured forever.
As you know, for people of all ages except children, safe limit of blood pressure is 120/80 plus 10 or minus 10.
It means that higher to 130/90, you suffer high BP.
And less than 110/70, your BP is called low BP.




  1. First at 7 am, take 5 drops of Sulphur 200 with ½ cup of water; in the afternoon, 5 drops of Arnica 200 with ½ cup of water and in the night two hours after meals or at 9 PM take 5 drops of Nux Vom 200 with ½ cup of water for one week only.

  2. Take 20 drops of Rauvolfia serpentine Q at 8 am and 9 pm after meals.

  3. When you feel severe problem of high BP, then 10 drops of this medicine can be taken every two hours.

  4. Take five drop of Glonoine 6. Viscum alb. 6. Rauvolflaserp 6, Baryata Mur 6 with half cup of water twice a day.

  5. Take 6 Chewable pills of bio-comb no. 27 four times a day or with Luke warm water.

  6. For those, who are afraid of heart disease, always keep Bio-comb no. 27 in your wallet and in case of any heart or chest discomfort, take 6 chewable pills of this natural salt of bio-comb no. 27 every ten minutes under the tongue. Soon you will feel comfortable and your problem will be solved. Now you may visit your doctor if needed.

  7. People who are suffering from heart and other diseases and taking allopathic medicines shouldn’t stop them suddenly. After taking my medicines as above for a month, you may reduce them in a phased manner.


  • MUST DO –


  1. Take two to four glasses lukewarm water in the morning and start a yoga exercise Crow move (Kauwa Chal or udarakarshan) for 3 minutes.

  2. Daily exercise with various yoga moves like Sun-Salutation or Sury Namaskar for five to ten times; Kapal Bhati for 200 to 500 times, Pranayama & Shavasana.

  3. Then an hour later to these yoga moves, take coconut water at least for one month, or it can also be taken in the afternoon.

  4. In the morning and evening if possible, you may walk for an hour.

  5. As narrated in Ashtavakra Gita, chant at bedtime for about two minutes that –
    “I am the Emperor of all the three worlds.”

  6. Take plain chapatti or bread made from medioum sized flour of equal parts of Wheat, Barley, Gram and Soya beans & use only fibrous vegetables. Reduce the use of pulses. Use only rock salt in food.

  7. Three hours after the dinner, a cold and wet napkin be kept on lower abdomen and continue it for 15 minutes to 30 minute by reversing the napkin in every two minutes.

  8. Take one spoon of mixture of powered Dana Azadirachta 250 grams, Ajbain 100 grams and black Jiri 50 grams with Luke warm water at 9.30 pm.

  9. Do not take night food and eating, drinking and smoking tobacco is strictly prohibited. To be always healthy, take vegetarian diet only.  

  10. Always try to help your Parents, Grand Parents and old people nearby you.

  11. Visit surrounding Slum Areas every week for one hour to help poor people.

  12. Take my spiritual capsules i.e. read my articles from my web sites or from Facebook for three months. This will reduce your negative energy and will increase positive energy rapidly.

  13. Homeopathic medicines can only be taken by cleaning mouth. During this period, do not use onions, garlic, coffee, asafoetida, camphor and meat etc. Do not take anything half an hour before and after the medicines during the treatment.

  14. Serious patient may contact a nearby doctor immediately.

  15. Every day, new allopathic drugs are being produced. Deadly and dangerous reactions and side effects of these medicines are noticed in a few years. Then they are banned in many countries of the world.

  16. We should also not depend only on allopathic medicines. Instead, we should try adopting medicines of harmless natural systems like yoga, sun ray food, sunlight water, hydrotherapy, acupressure, Homeopathy, Bio chemic etc.

  17. Our sole objective & intention is only to protect yourself and your family and to keep everybody healthy and to build a drug-free world. To achieve this object, kindly share my messages on social media as much as possible.



If a person wants to keep him and his family all time fit & healthy; then by observing OUR REJUVENATION TREATMENT PLANS of your body associated with meals and exercises eliminates all the chances of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, kidney failure, TB, pulmonary disease, skin diseases, etc. etc.

Now onwards, you and your family will not have any serious illness and will lead a happy life full of health, wealth and pleasure.



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